Hitachi Magic Wand Original White

Hitachi Magic Wand Original White

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  • Product Sku: VIB-HIT260
  • Manufacturer: Hitachi Majic Wand
  • Availability: Available Now
  • Release Date: January 6, 2016


This powerful electric wand has had a loyal following for over 25 years for good reason. High and low speeds deliver strong vibrations through the tennis ball shaped head. A slightly flexible neck allows the ball to be used in strategic spots. Take advantage of the female anatomy and place the vibrating head between the thighs but not touching the vulva area. This will stimulate the clitoral "legs" that run along on the inner thighs up to the clitoris for tantalizing foreplay. It can also be used by two people for the best in massage and orgasmic play by sandwiching the wand between two bodies. Male stimulation can be achieved by placing the vibrating head between the penis and testicles or testicles and anus. Add a G-spotter or Wonder Wand attachment for G-spot, vaginal or prostate stimulation. Made of 100% FDA approved food grade vinyl.

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If you like power

if you like power I defiantly recommend this toy... the one down fall is you have to have it plugged in. I also have the rechargeable palm power and that one is good too.

Anonymous - September 27 2018

Received Damaged Unsealed and Broken

This just arrived today. The plastic wrapper on the box was simply an open sleeve, the box was damaged and also unsealed, it looked as if it had been open at both ends prior to being sent to me, The item inside was in another unsealed plastic sleeve. The item looks as if it is lopsided and not straight as ones I have had in the past. I was concerned it was damaged, so I attempted to turn the item on. It makes an incredibly loud noise but it does no vibrate at all. High speed or normal speed shows np change at all. It makes noise but there is no vibration nor even massaging effect of any sort. It smelled as if it was overheating the second it was turned on. It is most definitely defective. It was shut off, put back into the packaging, and taken to the local brick and mortar Backroom Boutique. The manager examined it and agreed that it is defective. Since I ordered it online I am unable to return it to the actual store. Now I am stuck waiting for a reply about an item which doesn't work. I want a full refund and want to simply return this item. I do not believe it would do me any good to exchange it. I have no faith in a product which costs this much and arrives broken, so I am going to wait for the refund and buy the Bodywand brand in the actual store. While talking with the manager I had the opportunity to see how powerful that item is and I will most definitely be going in that direction. I am done with Vibratex.

This was an anniversary gift for my husband and I to use together, and now we will be waiting on a refund. We won't be able to buy anything to replace it until we get our money back for this item. Vibratex doesn't even offer warranties on this product, and I see why they don't offer one.

Anonymous - August 16 2018

my favorite vibe

I've had this for over a year now and it's my go-to to get off quickly and intensely. I recommend it to EVERYONE I know!

Brittany - February 3 2018

Too Powerful

I wish that it had a slightly less powerful setting. It has two settings, Powerful and Super Powerful. Your body needs to be completely turned on and ready before using this. I actually had to start with something smaller just to work my way up to this one. But once you get there, this thing is amazing.

Anonymous - June 15 2016

Love it!

It made me feel like how i have never felt like before!

Anonymous - April 28 2016


I am really hard to please, and this makes me orgasm in under a minute.

Anonymous - April 4 2016


I love this magic wand. I have heard about this product for a long time. Your prices could not be beat and the product is awesome!

Anonymous - March 23 2016

It's the real deal, try it. Haters gonna hate!!

This thing rocks. If this does not get the job done, I dont know what will.

Anonymous - February 29 2016


Bought this as a present for my partner and I right before she left me. The thing has been amazing in keeping me satisfied even without her here. Her loss! Only wish it had more than 2 settings!

Anonymous - February 27 2016

Don't know don't care if it's "real"

I bought this last week with Dirtyberd's sale and I'm in love with it! There is another review saying its fake but honestly who cares. It's still cheaper than a lot of wands, it works (really good)!!!, and is safe (so far from what I can tell). Just my opinion but I am about to order one for my best friend because it's that good.

Anonymous - February 22 2016


I have had 3 Magic Wands in the last couple years and this one is in fact real. Plus it gets me off in about three minutes, and I have trouble with orgasms. TRY IT, you won't be dissapointed.

Anonymous - February 22 2016

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